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What is the policy on cancellations, terminations, and refund?

Cancellation policies

Memberships signed BEFORE 7/1/2020

  • Month to month member – payments are month to month and require a 30 day written notice to cancel. ALL payments due between cancellation notice and 30 days are still due.
  • Term / 12-month commitment members –  Member agrees to a 12-month commitment. Cancellation prior to the 12 months requires a 10-day notice and cancellation $39 fee for basic, $59 fee for Premium, and $79 fee for Qfit. After fulfillment of the 12 months, the member’s agreement will go to month to month and follow the month to month cancellation policy.

**If member upgrades membership after 7/1/2020 the will follow the cancellation policy below. 

Membership signed AFTER 7/1/2020

  • All Memberships are month to month. A member may cancel at any time within 6 months with a 15-day notice and a fee of $50 for basic and premium and $0 for Qfit. After 6 months cancelation is 15 days’ notice only.

*Cancellations for memberships with $0 due at sign up and free month (i.e 7/1 QFIT promo with zero due at sign up and 30 days free) cancellations received must have at least one payment process prior to cancellation taking place. 

  • Member has until midnight of the 3rd business day after Member signs this Agreement to cancel this Agreement. Member may do so by signing the Physiq Fitness cancellation form in the club within the time described above. Such notice of cancellation must be received by PHYSIQ prior to the expiration of the three business day timeframe. If Member cancels, any payment made by Member, less a fee of $3.00 per day will be refunded within 21 days after notice of cancellation is received by PHYSIQ. Member may terminate Month to Month Agreements at any time with 30 days written by signing the Physiq Fitness cancellation form in the club. The termination will be effective on the 30th day after receipt of notice (the “Termination Date”) and all charges which would be charged before the Termination Date will still be charged. For example, if PHYSIQ receives Member’s notice of termination on March 5th, the Termination Date will be April 4th. The charges for the month of April will be charged. Term Agreements are subject to a cancellation fee. Term Agreements must be canceled with the cancellation fee paid within 7 business days of the regular monthly due date to avoid further charges. Unless Member cancels or terminates a membership as set forth in this paragraph, this Agreement will be automatically renewed monthly. NO CASH REFUNDS.


  • To cancel,  a written notice must be submitted via the cancelation form available at the club. If the member is unable to come into the club due to a move, the member must send written notice and proof of move to 4825 Commercial ST SE Suite 150,  Salem, OR 97302. The termination will be effective on the 30th day after receipt of notice and all charges which would be charged within 30 days of receiving the termination notice will still be charged. For example, if Physiq receives a member’s notice of termination on March 5 termination date will be April 4. Any charges due between those two dates will still be charged. No cash refunds.

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